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Car Dealership progress

Posted by lilmcnessy on Monday, September 28, 2009, In : My Mods 
I have almost finished it, may release today

Beta v0.1 will contain
Spawned cars at a location
Blip on the map saying Lilmcnessy Autos
Buying Cars
Stealing Cars
Automatically spawning and despawning cars
No guards
The cars are deleted when the script is reloaded

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Car DealerShip

Posted by lilmcnessy on Wednesday, September 23, 2009, In : My Mods 
If you visit my post at Gtaforums you would know this but for those who haven't
Progress on my Car Dealership Mod

Progress = 65% (estimated)
Car Spawning = 80%
Guard Spawning = 80%
Car Buying = 80%
Car Stealing = 80%
Hitting Other Cars = 0%

Current Features
-Spawned Cars
-Spawned Guards
-Buy car
-Guards attack you if you steal a car
-The Guards and Cars are deleted when the script is loaded

Planned Ideas
-If you damage a vehicle the guards attack you
-Second Hand vehicles for a cheaper price
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