I should have posted this ages ago but here it is, TANK MOD!

You are able to fire a cannon from the tank
-Flame Thrower (Requires 30% of fuel)
Close range combat flames burn humans and vehicles causing high amount of damage
-Boost (Requires 20% of fuel)
Tanks are slow! This tank has a rocket fuel booster engine to speed it up.
-Cannon Aiming
You can aim the cannon using the mouse or keyboard ( aiming is restricted to make aiming easier and give it a more realistic feel because the cannon can not rotate, and programming is not easy)
-Gas System
You can't just cheat all the time using your flame thrower on everyone! Boost and flame thrower uses gas and if you don't have enough gas, you can't use them. However the gas regenerate. The regeneration rate is configurable in the ini file.

And Bomb Mod!

- Detonation Bombs
- Mines (do not detonate from gun shots)
- Arming and disarming the mines
- Big explosion detonation
- Humongousaurus explosion detonation! (like a mini nuke)
- Blips on your bombs
- Rig Vehicles