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Car Dealership!

Posted by lilmcnessy on Monday, November 29, 2010,
I have updated both the exotic dealership and cheap dealership!
Go to the downloads section on the website to download

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Posted by Lilmcnessy on Sunday, November 28, 2010,
I should have posted this ages ago but here it is, TANK MOD!

You are able to fire a cannon from the tank
-Flame Thrower (Requires 30% of fuel)
Close range combat flames burn humans and vehicles causing high amount of damage
-Boost (Requires 20% of fuel)
Tanks are slow! This tank has a rocket fuel booster engine to speed it up.
-Cannon Aiming
You can aim the cannon using the mouse or keyboard ( aiming is restricted to make aiming easier and give it a more realistic feel because the ...
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